How to Master Motion Graphics

Master Motion GraphicsThe creation of engaging graphic images and motion makes up the focal point of graphic design industry. Designing animated sequences, enticing video effects and motion picture are just few of task done by a motionographer, and really needs a lot of learnings, experience and knowledge in order to master the skill of creating a great output.

Motion Design is something that requires a lot of attention and skills in order to achieve the visual elements required in order to give them great impact among audiences. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced graphic artist, there are sets of skills that you should have in order to master the art of motion graphics.

For those people who doesn’t know what ‘motion graphics’ are, it is the term used to describe graphics that utilizes both animation and video technology to create an illusion of motion, or transforming the appearance of a particular subject. Motion graphics are commonly seen in different advertisement, video advertising, professional cinema production and animated videos. Creating graphic videos and motion design takes a lot of discipline in order for one to become a skilled motionographer. To help you on how to master motion graphics, below are some of the few things that you need to follow to excel in your field:

Traditional Art Skill

Acquiring knowledge of the traditional art is one of the strongest foundations of becoming an excellent motion graphic artist. Having the skills and knowledge about the traditional art is very useful in designing process and can give you ‘an eye for the best’ method to communicate your motion/graphic design to the audience.

During the designing phase, it is always best to sketch out your ideas on the paper before you build them in the computer. Sketches can be done faster, thus, allowing you to brainstorm and incorporate additional idea, ultimately speeding up the whole process. Surely, you don’t want to end up feeling frustrated because you have just toss up an idea just because you didn’t spend much time working on it.

Study Design Principles

One of the most vital parts of creating a great motion design is your proficiency in using the design elements to create enticing visual effects. Not having a good understanding of how best to design and organize visual information can adversely leave you unprepared to in making the right visual works that creates a good impact. Understanding design principles will give you the proper design discipline to hang your concept on. Spend some time to internalize and practice these principles. Some of the design principles that you should master includes the following:

– Texture
– Light Sweep
– Color Shading
– Light Rays
– Shadow
– Lens Flare
– Slam
– Vignette
– Motion Blur
– Contrast
– Color Transition
– Background Movement
– Twitching
– Glow
– Composting, and many more

Proficiency in Latest Graphic Programs

Technology plays a vital role in creating a good motion graphic design. And the availability of diverse desktop graphic programs has made it possible for you to easily and quickly create a motion graphic with the help of its tools and innovative features. You have to learn about the different programs used in making motion graphics if you want to breathe life into your creation and add some exciting effects right into your fingertips. By learning motion graphics program, one can be able to combine data visualization, video, speech, text and special effects on your motion graphic project. There are variety of programs existing today which actually walks you through on how to use the program and step-by-step guidelines on how to use its tools.

Understanding Animation Elements

As motion designer, you are expected to bring 2D elements into real life through movement. For you to do this, you should be able to understand the important of using different animation elements instead of just using few key frames. You also need to gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of ‘animation’ and how things should move in order to create an appealing output. You should be able to know where to exaggerate, what timing work best, and what design element to use and where to ease in or out. You may be great in graphic designing, but if it not animated, you motion design piece will just be a piece of plain flat and boring artwork.

To be able to master the art of motion graphic, the aforementioned guidelines are just few of the best step that you should follow.

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